Downhaulcrank (Nedhal Trimmer)

Vendor: Finnovation
Type: Nedh.Trim 05-100

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Downhaulcrank 05-100 For Neilpryde UXT  extension
Downhaulcrank 05-200 For Neilpryde XT    extension
Downhaulcrank 05-400 For Neilpryde MXT extension

NEW product

Downhaulcrank 05-406 For Neilpryde MXT extension

Downhaulcrank 05-104   For Nautix Jumbo extension

NEW product:

Downhaulcrank 05-105   For Loftsails extension

Downhaulcrank 05-201   For Gun Pro Race extension
Downhaulcrank 07-1035 For Severne extension
Downhaulcrank 05-110   For Streamlined extension

Pris Dkr. 579 (499 porto dkr. 80)
Price Euro 75 ( 65 shipm.euro 10)